Do Not Disturb

2018-01-10 23:10:01 (UTC)

Don't Wanna Be Hurt... Again

I still can't believe after everything he still wanna be friends with her even after I blocked her constantly and he still decides to accept her friend request... His ex... If you don't see anything wrong here then I do. I'm scared of being hurt again. I can't be hurt again. His ex is always their textinf him sending him friend request when I blocked her from his phone and she would even create new accounts just to do and she knows that we're together. I hate things like this happens to me. I feel heartbroken. I wanna cry right now but that will never solve anything. And everytime I would mention to him it he'll just get mad. She's an ex for a reason. I hate her guts. She's pregnant and still in high school... She needs to get a life. Maybe I should talk to my mother about this. And him. Because this will go on until I donsomething about it. I'm not letting this tear us apart. Not letting her get in between us.


The Forgotten One