Do Not Disturb

2018-01-10 03:57:04 (UTC)

100th entry

I still have feelings for him... Malike... That isn't until I saw a pic of him and his wife on Instagram. But I need to realize that I have a boyfriend and of whom I truly love. I mean theirs nothing wrong with having a bit of a crush on your boyfriend's brother. Okay maybe it is. I need to get over him... And ASAP... And starting by unfolliwing him on Instagram and it will be hard... I miss Jacob... But I know that he wouldn't ever go for a girl like me... At least that's what I thought in high school... And now that I have a boyfriend... I am happy... I know you don't need a boyfriend to be happy.. Like I said a thousand times before... But I do and I love him.


The Forgotten One

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