Do Not Disturb

2018-01-09 08:28:04 (UTC)

Stress Eat

Yes... Their is such a thing as stress eat and I stress eat... A lot... Even when I shouldn't. I feel like I'm getting fatter and fatter everytime I eat like today I ate two slices of pizza and afterwards I ate a fish a some fries with a soda to drink ( even when I'm not suppose to drink it )... You can say that was just me being greedy... Because it was and just because I ate two slices of pizzas... I hate the fact that I stress eat and when I do I can never stop. I get full and I continue to eat even when my stomach feels like its about to pop and I hate it so much that I do that... Stress eat... With a passion. Sometimes I feel ashamed of eating... In public even... Me and bae had sex... Twice in a day... Lol... My biggest weakness during sex is my stomach... So I try not to loom at it while I'm having sex with my boyfriend... It just kills me enough that I'm not... Skinny enough??? I eat more junk food than healthy food. The onyl healthy food I've actually eaten were some fruits and a salad. Then I decide to have a midnight snack ( which was white popcorn of some kind all I know is that it was good and I couldn't let it get to waste so I stuffed myself with it before I went to bed) and it was a bad idea. How am I gonna lose weight if, I continue to eat the most unhealthy stuff... Like for example pizza... And that is my favorite food... But it wouldn't hurt to at least try.... No matter how many times I say this I end up breaking it.. This is why I can't keeo a resolution... Not at all... Got to spend the whole day with him before he goes to work tomorrow night... But today could've been better... You know what I do on a day when I have nothing else to do ( besides walking my dog)... Sleep... I'm tired as of right niw but I'm trying to fight it

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