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2018-01-08 20:48:01 (UTC)

week 2

Start of week 2 of 2018, week 1 was okish. I started quite well but went out on Thursday night (visited a friend) then joined my football lads for their weekly Thursday get together. One thing for sure is that going out and then having a drink has an effect on what i can achieve the next day (as i get older). To achieve and reach my objectives I have to curtail my going out and the associated drinking.

Week 2 has to be better than week 1.

I saw my kids in church with their mum on Sunday. I parked next to them and we got to church around the same time. I said a quick hello to the kids and made my way straight into church, It is such a sad state of affairs for kids to see this (ie parents not exchanging any words or greetings) but unfortunately it is what it is.