Experienced Life
2018-01-07 20:59:14 (UTC)

The Ex is coming back

So... The ex texted me indicating she's coming back to Sacramento. She says she misses me and blah blah blah. Same old same old. Told her that we do not know how to stay together and we aren't meant for each other. She then said she was testing me to see if I'd offer to let them live with me again and that she bought a house. I just rolled my eyes. The lying never stops I guess. You are what you are.

I guess after she calmed down, she started texting again saying she misses me. I'm thinking, yeah sure, maybe for six months and then she'll leave again. Nope, not something I want to ever deal with again.

Today, I was texting my girlfriend. She does some things I don't particularly like. She doesn't reply to my texts sometimes. I thought early on we communicate. This is something my ex didn't do too. I don't like it. It's not like we say by and that's the end of conversation. The ex used to text back-to-back and we'd reply. Then without warning, the ex used to just stop texting. This is in the middle of conversation.

So now, with my girlfriend, I tell her that communications is really important for us. She agreed. But, she is doing the same thing too. In the middle of texting, she stops or don't reply. Whatever. I guess it's me chasing her too much. So,I said since she didn't reply to my text, I'm assuming she is saying no by not responding. That's what I said anyway and that was that. Put my phone down and I stopped texting too. I'm not a freaking dog. I'd like the same courtesy of getting replies the same as I do. Not saying immediately. Just appropriately when the time comes.

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