Do Not Disturb

2018-01-05 04:06:59 (UTC)


I'm always overthinking the impossible. I always find someway to bring other people down even when they hurt me at the most... Or as I like to call it... A revenge of some kind. I'm a very emotional 19 year old girl. And people don't seem to like it they judge me very easily. Because things gets to me very easily.... And I hate that it does...but I can't help it. I compare myself to other girls wishing that I was as pretty as they would see in TV shows, movies and magazines...,the type of girls that wear makeup,and as SKINNY as can be , ect... I know nobody's perfect but I wish to be. But right now I'm stuck in this nut shell slowly trying find my way out. I'm shy. I barely have friends because I don't communicate enough when I'm suppose to. But who said that not having friends was a good or bad thing. And besides its all based on how "popular" you are. And I wished that wasn't a thing. I'm not the girl to be considered " popular".. I was picked on a lot just because I stayed to myself... Quiet... And just like to get my work donee... And people seem to hate me for that.... And as well of me for being different... and yes I have been bullied but the girl apologized but I never forgave her... Not knowing if she meant it or not.... Because of her I've always felt like not being here and wanting to cutt myself even more..... everytime she made a rude comment that is only on me. She wore maekup...and always found some way to get everything she wanted... Even if it was by me..... I'm not the type of girl to compete with anybody. Guys would constantly use me or, as they say they like me when it was a lie all along or just spread rumors about me that weren't true .... Everything was great until I moved back to my hometown. I have a boyfriend that loves me for me...Theirs no other guy like him.... I don't think I'll ever find a guy like him... Because I won't... And so here I am.... At home.... Writing in you.... Since I have nothing else better to do.... As usual... But this will do.... As of now....

Write more as soon as possible


The Forgotten One