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2018-01-03 09:25:07 (UTC)

His words that he said to his girlfriend

Oh hi happy new year!
It started to shatter when he saw me looking for best of his attention for me. I haven't really thought about anything really sticking out. We sat in silence while driving the car to the movies. He saw me so vulnerable and he forgot I was still my period, I was frustrated because well everything have done to make sure I was there didn't seem to work. It just got harder to stay in conversation, I told myself not to cry but I couldn't I was flood of this appeared when it came down I couldn't stop and that's when he took hold of me, it was different said things that made me angry at him and scared he got scared because didn't answer his questions when we where talking in the movies. He given me some attention to make feel better I couldn't stay still at for a bit. So I have didn't really watch the movie so just talked... it was so in weird part of time. At one point I lost my earring however I found it, but it was towards the ending a guy was angry at us talking bit louder then the whisper I didn't care because I was shattered. We fought off and on through the hours it came in like couldn't stop this feelings towards him. I basically had show my clothes to notice me. It was hard to move it was hard too burst into tears again when we kissed again. He knows that am afraid to let him go specially now, we gone two other places next just enjoy the moments next but it got harder to smile. Then he said we will see how this semester goes with us? ummm what why?!!? Just a flood of things started to come to mind especially that my first degree is almost done. I still want be his with our history. Didn't want to go sleep he basically had tell go bed at midnight today, am just cant stop thinking of everything. You said to me "I'll miss you once am gone" I know where my mind wants to be more despite the shatter pieces. I believe in us so much, James. You said to me another chance to make it work. I thought of everything you got me in it started to get hard to think as not mine. I really didn't want to believe it. You said to me in the movies you need to calm down but I couldn't because I only trust you!"..... So much of me just very shock because cant feel anything else but you in near me. The 4 months apart again is going kill me because I haven't really in deep. My body didn't want to get out of bed I just didn't have strength to do it. What you saw in my eyes was everything to me....I hope he keep promises to me that's scares me it really does. I love you, James so much