2017-12-31 18:57:18 (UTC)

Random Assortment - December 2017

December 31, 2017 Sunday 5:57 PM

I haven't written in awhile. Hopefully I will soon. Lots to tell you. Not really actually, haha. But some stuff. And without further adooo!!!... This months random assortment of music that I listened to in the midst of finals.

The War Criminal Rises and Speaks by Okkervil River**** (one of my faves by them)

We Need a Myth by Okkervil River (this song interested me musically)

Common Sense by Wilco

Taste the Ceiling by Wilco****

Cold Slope by Wilco

Magnetized by Wilco*******

Black Moon by Wilco***** (ugh has to be one of my favorite songs ever)

Jesus, etc. by Wilco (this song is a staple)

Sunloathe by Wilco*** (beatles-esque)

Whole Love by Wilco

If I Ever was a Child by Wilco*****

Girls Like You by Miguel (my roommate got me into this song. it's pretty good, not my normal alt-country style but I like it)

If I Am a Stranger by Ryan Adams (uuuughh good song)

You Are My Face (Full Album) by Wilco (what a weird album name—you are my face. As in you are the thing I hide behind? What?)

Late in the Day by Supergrass

Either Way by Wilco

When the Roses Bloom Again by Wilco & Billy Bragg (cover of Woody Guthrie)

How to Fight Loneliness by Wilco (another Wilco staple)

Sit Down by the Fire by The Veils

Sodom, South Georgia by Iron & Wine (I usually dislike Iron & Wine but this song... is nice. I think it kind of reminds me of my grandparents, of dying old people)

A Schoolboy's Charm by The American Analog Set

Covered up in Mines by Centro-matic**** (just discovered this band and god they itch the walls of my blood vessels, they just get in there soft and smooth and fill everything)

It's a Shame About Ray by The Lemonheads (I kind of hate this song but I love the concept)

Palestine by Sam Baker (featuring Carrie Elkin)**** (this song is really beautiful. Wish it was on itunes or something, but I think it was performed specifically for a Night Vale episode so I could only find it on youtube)

Stop Breathin' by Pavement

Debate Exposes Doubt by Death Cab for Cutie

Trojan Curfew by Stephen Malkmus

Like a Fool by Superchunk

I See Through You by Centro-matic

In Such Crooked Time by Centro-matic***** (god I love this song)

For New Starts by Centro-matic

Kept on the Sky by South San Gabriel

Easy Plateau by Ryan Adams (whenever I listen to Ryan Adams, I wonder why the HELL he likes Taylor Swift if he is clearly better than her)

Numbers One and Three by Centro-matic

Low Frequencies are Fun! by Computer Music All-Stars (very different from my usual but I like it. I found it after watching a William Osmond video. I love William Osmond??? I want to eat his whole body, absorb it????? He is so attractive and strange????)

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