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UnDiscovered Girl
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2017-12-28 21:07:28 (UTC)

Money problem

The last time I recall this being my money not my mother's. I said I helped but not my whole check. I can never buy anything for myself I want to use it instead of her constantly asking for MY money. I get that she's my mother but still she's the reason why my money is always halfway gone and she already ows me $20 from the last she's asked and noe she gets mad at me because I wanna go to the movies because its MY money. But I can never do anything with MY money 💰 because she's always asking for money even when she says she's not going to she does. She even says that she will pay me back but she never does. Sometimes I hate my life. But its hard saying no. Especially to the mother that has given birth to you and has been taking care of you since the age of 17. Hoe can I not say",NO!"


The Forgotten One