Life of a Highschooler
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2017-12-28 16:02:54 (UTC)

Catching up and writing about it

So where do I start? So my last entry was along time ago. So it's Christmas break, me and Anna ( Adriana) might have a sleepover, and me and Jocelyn are kind of mad at each other, because I made her so she could only view the slideshow, and then the day Christmas break started ( Friday) I said that I would make it so she could edit when I got home. But on the bus I forgot that I had a trip I had to go on and I wouldn't be back until the 26th and I forgot to tell her that and so I didn't change the access until just now. So basically it is a stupid fight and it might get fixed when she responds. Because we might talk on mine and her doc ( we made a doc together so we could discuss things) so I hope that me and her fix this soon. Another thing happening, on Friday the 22nd or something we had the Christmas relays and I was in it. Kya my best friend was also in it, we had to go against the 7th or 8th graders and they are so hard to beat. So unfortunately we lost. Now, so me and Anna got into a fight last week and it was because she was watching Isaac's computer and not talking to me. Then this girl named Kayley told me to sit across from her and not by Anna. So I wasn't thinking and I moved seats not thinking of how it could affect mine and Anna's friendship. So that got us into a fight. So we talked on mine and hers doc, and we just talked but it worked out, but not that day. So then Hayli asks this guy named Donnie out for me, and he said yes, and so we were dating. Then I told Anna I only dated him to get back at her, and she told me that that was stupid and I agree with her because it was. So then the next day she asked me if him and I were dating. I replied, " no". So then we started talking more and more. Then we became friends again. So now I'm trying to get her on our doc so we can plan our sleepover if it happens. So Anna if you're reading this go on our doc!!!! :) :) :) :) :) The one called: New and improved gmail. Thx. So thats whats happens in my life so far.