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2017-12-28 12:36:34 (UTC)

End of 2017

Another end of year. when I look back it has been a year of endurance. my life was turned upside down when my contract was terminated in march with no savings . To make it worse i had been doing the same job for 11 years and was more or less a dinosaur in the employment market in that field. I had to retrain myself and thank God I did and passed my professional exams and got a job in my new career as a Business Analyst. It was a permanent role which paid much less that what i was used to earning. it has been very challenging with ths salary given my expenditures and debts but also a good lesson for me on how I can curb my spending and learn to live within my means,

I am so much looking forward to 2018 because i strongly believe it will be a fantastic year for me. Everything i have learnt and all my experiences are coming together to give me a good insight, knowledge and wisdom on how best to live my life, 2018 is going to be the year when i will finally put in practice what i have been planning and building in recent times. I will be focus, not distracted and keep on marching towards my destiny. I plan to go back to self employment from April 2018 and I have mapped out a 10 year plan for myself on how i will achieve the success i know I am capable of achieving. After that I want to spend the rest of my life on good causes.

I will probably need a partner someday but for now this is on the back burner.