Do Not Disturb

2017-12-26 21:17:36 (UTC)

Why should I care?

Its hard for me not to care so much of what everyone else thinks and when I say I don't I actually do and I don't know how to not care about what people think of me. I've been hurt to many times to actually care about what other peopke think of me. I don't know why I insist on wearing fake nails again because they always end up peeling off the tip of my fingernail and so I say no more fake nails. I don't even see how my mom wears them everyday.
My diaries aren't that it? I can't help but to say the truth. About how I feel. About all of this. About everything because at some point I do get very depressed and so I come to my diary/journal for support and I tend to write in it as much as I can.

Write more as soon as possible.


The Forgotten One