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2017-12-25 18:41:56 (UTC)

Merry Christmas

I miss him already. You know my boyfriend. Their's not a day I couldn't and wouldn't want to see nor think about him. Oh,and I almost forgot Merry Christmas from me to you. I got this cute little journal and as well as a pen to match with it. Along with the new Taylor Swift Reputation CD ,tanktop, Notebook fluffy socks( both pink and black) , perfume,and as well as a book to read and I'm looking forward to reading it. One of my favorite holidays. Christmas. But its not about the presents. At times. Its about giving and spending time with family. Oh and one more thing I also got a necklace and a ring. The necklace is from my mom and the ring is from Grams. So far Christmas is what all I expected it to turn out to be. If that made any sense at all. I decided to wear the tanktop that I got for christmas and my necklace of coarse and as well as my tights with boots. And yes its cold outside but I have a jacket. My dog ran out again but he'll find his way back eventually this isn't the first time that it hasn't happened. We have more families to visit. I wish to spend time with my boyfriend but I know he to has a family that he needs to spend tkme with. Malachi won't be back until the 29th of December before he heads back out to New York. Sooo... At least we have some good news .... Well for me. Its not like I like the guy anyways. Or maybeI do... Nahhh.....

P.S. My writing sucks balls

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