Do Not Disturb

2017-12-25 23:54:26 (UTC)

Christmas Eve

Well,now that he's gone I can finally breath and focus on what's really boyfriend. I know that doesn't seem as important but its important to me. I was rushed to the hospital yesterday because of the stomach pain that I was having and never curred until after they decided to put medicine inside me after taking my blood. I swear I don't like needles...I spend to much time on this diary website than,I actually do in real life. But its not so bad. Right? Me and bae had sex. Twice. Again. And no not pregnant. We have had sex to many times that I actually lost count after the first few times. Now that the brother's gone its me and him again. After those five days are up but might as well make it last. And spend much as time with him as possible. I swear it seems like my mom always find someway to yell at me everytime I do everything or even the littlest things I do wrong. When she should be the one yelling at my brother instead but we don't see that ever happening now do we. Its been three months without a period and I'm not pregnant..... I feel bloated right now and I don't know why. But anyways. Write more as soon as possible.


The Forgotten One

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