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2017-12-24 16:27:42 (UTC)

End of Year Review

So.. taking a look at this year, I see that I've gone thru a lot of old and new. My ex and I texted. I finally was able to just say that I'm ok with her decision to just sneak out of the house, taking the kids and living her life. For years, I was pretty mad about what and how she did it. Now I just say I understand her choice and that I'm ok with what she did. I said I understand she did this for what she thought was best and I'm ok with that now.

I also found someone in my life. She is human. She doesn't walk on water but I do have a girlfriend now. I'm a little bothered by the recent news she enlightened me about but I'm guessing we can work through it. If not, I'm still ok as my soul is somewhat in a spot where I'm ok. I'm not miserable anymore and I'm not wishing to just die.

I lost weight, I feel great, and I'm able to do things physically that I couldn't do just 4 months ago. Happy? I guess I am. Not because of a woman but because I changed my attitude I'm guessing :) 2018? Sure, I''m ready for it. Had a pretty good year so I'm going to do even better this year. Somehow someway things are clearer now. I don't know how or why but life seems like it opened up to me and the world is mine now :)

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