taking heed

slightly exaggerated
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2017-12-24 04:53:33 (UTC)

If "heartbreak" is the most ..

If "heartbreak" is the most beautiful human emotion, I'm surrounded by beauty. This beautiful and fucking festive time of year, perfectly sync'd.

It's evolving for me, the pain.

It used to be the invading memories that tore my heart in half, now it's the dulling of the tiny details in those memories that are beginning to gnaw. Not every day.

I'm coming off my longest streak of feeling "normal". I told a friend, "hey, this is the least broken up I've felt about it since it happened" - it felt like a week - as soon as I said it.. the backside was triggered. An avalanche of beautiful he (redacted)

Montreal tomorrow. Gramps staring at my fingers, making me feel uncomfortable.

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