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2017-12-22 12:23:29 (UTC)

Time part 2

Dear dairy,
This week was tough on both of us we had augured a lot over the same crap! on behalf of my boyfriend a member of his family just passed away into the sky appears to be free again. This hasn't been fair either while trying get rid this cold because my boyfriend is grieving process and am still trying get better too . Sad part the time all appear just shattered me, cant let this thoughts I want him back that I truly missed. All of this feels towards him hurt so much, I keep thinking of yesterday it was just an ok day. Nothing cheerful about it.... I wont know if I will hear from today hopefully by Saturday. So of me is missing him its clear. I talked to my grandpa this morning to distracted myself but it was clear it was no use to fight it, however I didn't know in my family that's have so relatives from different races, I thought it was sweet to know my heart is mixed happy and just in haze. The time we share was so strange but I knew why, because I fought for it. I'm praying that we can make it in the new year, am in love with him and he is also even though it has been tough. I still have to give him my Christmas gift... So much has the universal has hit my family first then my boyfriend, am willing to fight for this relationship despite his parents am going continue to pray because his worth being in my life. So, ya you can am depressed because lost another amazing person that my boyfriend loved so much, i never hurt this bad in a different way am numb now its my mission to make him happy. I've be one aware of his state of mind every year now specially in December. It just breaks my heart.. We need one more day to enjoy each other he really needs me to be. I hope we can take hold of each other. That's what I want for Xmas!