always wth love

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2017-12-20 06:28:54 (UTC)

Next goals...

December 20, 2017
6:28 am
Last night my boyfriend texted me we talked so long it very intimate it was clear how bad this distance relationship got so naughty, there were moments that we had talked about the struggle with his parents about me. We haven't taken that leap yet, am a bit disappointed he's has made sure to do it when the time is you kno! Hopefully we get to see each other tmw or Friday, he will be going back soon it much longer wait... Well figured out what happened to my gpa it drop a bit but was bad to complain it got me thinking how hard next semester be. Its now at 2.9 I can pull I back higher, just have to plan it differently all that matters am working hard sad part ill be 25 with this degree. Ill doing another two years to get my other degree. I am not worry about it....I have my boyfriend he's ahead of me, his willing help me as much as possible. In a another year we will be living together, ill be getting a job during this time while finishing last of classes.
I can wait to next phase of us in my life with him..