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2017-12-18 05:50:45 (UTC)

Accomplished goals...bye 2017

December 18, 2017
5:50 am
I have accomplished goals it was a tough one it was a battle. I passed all classes there's only 2 semesters left now graduation then begins. I found out my man goes back soon that means make every moment count! I talked to my cousin Victoria that working long hours, I know she's a exhausted. I updated my close friend Vida on my process she was proud of me. So theres a list of things still master but am ready for also talked to Jenny about helping with spring semester. Am getting close to him to with my degree. am looking forward being spending time with other half me. We are going be reckless when we met once again going a best days of my life. Now am waiting to gpa to posted... listening to Riverdale Cast - Mad World ,Pia Mia EP its good music, C Breezy album Heartbreak on a Full moon....Well might see you in the new year if I don't will back with a new chapter of my life.