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2017-12-15 19:58:56 (UTC)

Friday posted :)

december 15, 2017
Well I can tell now, ummm there's so much hasn't fully occurred yet ... I will can say this I have passed one of hardest class. I have taken so far I've been getting closer to accomplishing this goal. My family say I need to have faith but once you hit the bottom you don't want it reappear at all its hard to accept a second time... So I have spoken to some old friends are very busy at the moment, but the one thing that bring back into focus is lil sister Gaby something that I cant shake. something bout her makes feel capture by her.... I have been close with Natalie shes believes am ready for universality because am smart and determined I don't see how? thou... I guess because ii have to fight my doubts that's at my shoulders, I still have sometime to finish the next goal I don't think I have much to worry. I have two more classes to see about the final grades tomorrow...
I might update in soon no promises