Do Not Disturb

2017-12-15 01:55:00 (UTC)

I made myself throw up....

I made myself throw up. Its easy really. All you have to do is put your finger down your throat. The only reason that I had to was because my stomach was cramping and I wouldn't throw up. I had to lick salt from my hands and all of it. Tears running down my face. At least I feel somewhat better but my stomach still hurts like hell. I'm not feeling so well right now. Ray came by but went home at 5 because he was getting tired. But at least I got to see him. He fell asleep on my bed. I bought me a ponytail to wear for the day. And ate some Arby's with milkshake. I think that's what made my stomach so messed up. Because that's what I threw up. I'm sorry if this is making you feel disgusting but this is my diary soooo don't read it. I'm getting tired of wearing these fake nails its not working for me. I'm gonna get it taking off hopefully tomorrow. I hope to get better sooner or later.


The Forgotten One

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