deanne and Connor

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2017-12-14 20:16:03 (UTC)

Thursday Checkin

Was perhaps hoping to see you baby! I do need to let you know I wont be here Saturday or Sunday of this week (12/15). I am assisting with wreath laying at Arlington on Saturday and Sunday am sure to have a sleepover. Miss you terribly and have been looking! XOXO
i'm sorry i didn't see this sooner. As it was i wouldn't have been able to make it as our school Christmas party was Thursday evening. Yesterday i didn't make it because i was with my brother trying to get the last few things out of dad's place. We still have a little more to do.
i was hoping for today but see that its not in the cards. i am guessing you'll be going to your dads next Saturday for a stretch? Let me know the plans and we can hope for a weeknight. i am thinking that Wed or Thu might work.