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2017-12-14 13:25:37 (UTC)

Mad World flood Let S**t Go

December 14, 2017
I haven't slept since last Thursday I think?
Since last night I couldn't sleep its clear that my lack of confidence has disappeared from me, I hate when I falling apart from the distance. I don't want show that am not capable to be strong towards my boyfriend's family... I have fought off the negative but the lack of sleep filling me and has been unstable. I deserve to be kicked out from all my dreams, ill be crying myself to what does my future mean to me... I stop thinking of what it could be.... I know cant run far, But I can disappear thou... I can stop talking to people that have impact its so easy, I wont show it. I will do it. I sipped this time and I don't know what will happen.... I have felt this over and over. I cant believe has got worse. Am not capable to drink alone I need someone.... This was my last final today, till spring semester starts, I often wonder is this not the path for me to get a degree.... then I go back to only thing I know . Its myself who wanted make this her dream to come true... I wont be able to sleep tonight I will wavering in limbo.... so what would happen to me, theres only one option left.... backtrack yesterday it was a flow of mishaps, it has been there it affected a week ago however that has stopped but now I don't know what would appear now. I notice now that I don't want see my man in few days not even a small bit....
I am in waiting process begins this weekend,
P.S. the exit is locked