Do Not Disturb

2017-12-13 18:55:40 (UTC)

I hate my job

I hate my job. No one appreciates the hard work that I do and not only realizing that this is my FIRST job. As you know I'm a very sensitive person I would ask for hellp and even when I so this one manager would constantlt get an attitude with me just because I ask for one simple thing. I work as a cashier. She's mean,rude and just RUDE. I don't even see how she even got the job in the first place. And she's the one who's been messing up my hours and so I'm determined to find another job. A job that pays better. Her name is Ms. Dianne. Just because I'm young doesn't mean anything . Even the customers don't like her either. Theirs nothing but women working their and one man name John. At least he's nice enough to help me out and a few other girls but they to even sometimes gives me this nasty look on their face when I ask for help. As soon as I get another job I'm quitting this one. I'm not talking to David for several reasons ( " a friend"). I mean why be on the app if you're constantly being ignored and getting blocked for apparently no reason at all. Like I wrote in my previous entry NO ONE likes a NICE girl and besides its not like he even cared in the first place because he don't. I'm suppose to be getting paid later on tonight but I know it won't be that much since their messing up my hours. Maybe I will have a Christmas after all. Its been two days without seeing him since he's been busy with work and all and he's done nothing but sleep because they're having him work on a night shift from 10-6 ( in the morning). What do I do to even deserve this kind of hatred?


The Forgotten One

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