Do Not Disturb

2017-12-12 03:07:01 (UTC)

Family crisis

Well so much for a perfect day. The power went out at our house so we're crashing at our cousins for the night ( which never seems to be a problem ). My dog is at home sadly but he will be okay. I hope. He's been home plenty of times before. But anyways yea Family crisis. I've decided not to delete live. Me I wanted to but I won't. I don't even go live I just watch people go live ( but even they don't respond to me) . I hate showing my face. I mean your screen name is mystery girl for a reason ( besides me being very shy). I met this guy name David and another guy who is so sweet and weird at the same time. But you know boyfriend here. Not gonna lie their both extremely gorgeous looking. That's all I have to say for now.


The Forgotten One