taking heed

slightly exaggerated
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2017-12-11 04:42:32 (UTC)


I can't see straight because last night's holiday party effects have bled into today and now tonight, however.... dang!

So um, fuck! Damn! What is happening? I've never been vibe'd on so heavily at a party. I don't know if it was 49 dollar H&M sweater, my baby blue chuck t's, or if I was just that much of a cunning linguist but um, it was like everything I was laying down was fucking a home run.

Anyways, I'm (tentatively) going out for drinks on Wednesday with a person I met last night at a party and she saw me drop an entire can of beer and saw me in real life and asked me out for drinks. This jz some of the coolest shit I've experienced. This never happens. The fact that she's married is only as weird as you make it.

Maybe I'm not a complete car wreck after all.

Slow down fuckface.

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