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2017-12-09 23:12:45 (UTC)

My journey Mad World

December 9, 2017
Mad World
Its close to midnight I feel so at peace so clear of mind, however its quickly to say that I have concerns about the man I love, He is so gentle to me but I see that he can be scared straight within seconds its hard for me to see him in this state of mind. He has been my life for almost two years and its hard to face the facts when he is like this, I cant do anything to help him. I really cant do damn thing. I cant knock on his door or tell him to come over to feel the space. I basically have wait for him to come back to me slowly, he's scared to disappoint me again because of three months ago, I have doubts less but it has put into focus who's really in of control us. I see the pattern in three different ways its his parents and him and myself. All we want one thing from him is true happiness that's what I learned from them the way they've addressed this serious situations have been tough on us. I want them to know that am not leaving him.

What I learned from him how be a friend and being in love is everything to someone. He has shown growth in small ways even though his parents have pull him back to obey them. He seriously trying more to break the walls so he can be more comfortable. He sure knew what I really wanted from him he took control again got back at rebel seventeen that felt naughty. He has me around his fingers am basically would get his touch on upon me.

My journey with him has been booked marked since an ex friend vanished from my life. Those days bring strength now not weakness anymore upon that the full moon is beautiful tonight its very haunted and spooky to glow in the sky.