Do Not Disturb

2017-12-10 01:46:13 (UTC)

❄Snow Day ❄

It snowed last night and it actually stuck on their ( which was surprising because we don't get any snow at all). So turns out that Keith so called wife kicked him out not that I care. Just wonder why she did it he deserved it. I don't even know if their getting a divorce or not either way she is crazy as hell. I never liked her. Me and Ray had sex and yes with a condom on c'mon you know me better than that. At first it hurt like hell and no I'm not a virgin. Boom... secrets out. Even when it was with the wrong guy at the wrong time but this was with the right person at the right time. And every time we have sex it just feels so right and no I'm not pregnant nor will I ever be. Well, I can't say that just not as of this moment I still can't stand to be around to be around Keith let alone hear his name. So why do I even bother on writing about him in the first place. Classic me. But the sex was great as usual with the person that I truly deeply love. No I don't still have feelings for Keith. Never will I ever have feelings after what had happened before. I have a boyfriend and his other brother that's in the military will be coming down next week for a brief visit for who knows how long. I'm typing on this computer I'm really not much of a type kind of gal I'm more of a handwritten kind of gal that's why I carry so many journal's with me. And the only reason why I'm writing is for my followers and also as well as because I have a passion for writing and nor will I ever stop.


The Forgotten One

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