Do Not Disturb

2017-12-08 08:03:15 (UTC)

Nobody likes a nice girl

Nobody likes a nice girl. They expect you to do certain things even when you're constantly feeling like shit. No one pays attention to the girl who doesn't ever sleeps at night because she is always occupied by her phone. Nobody likes a nice girl the one they never notice. The one who sits in the room all by herself because she thought it would be better if she never existed in the first place. I'm sensitive. Nice. I get depressed. I cutt before. I thought about not being here before. But I'm not cutting anymore. Yes I think about it from time to time but its over and done. I let things get to me that's why I always got bullied throughout my school life but now that I graduated I'm happy that I don't have to go through that shit. I mean I know I gotta go through college but hop its not like high school,middle or elementary.


The Forgotten One

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