Do Not Disturb

2017-11-16 20:17:20 (UTC)

Still signs of... NO PERIOD

I knwo that I agreed on helping around the house but I gotta do things for myself for once. Now everyone's is coming to me asking for moneh then the next thing you know... Poof. . its gone. My mom just took like sixty off of my card saying that she will give me the rest of the money back ( which I doubt that's happening). I wanted to buy a guitar from this Wish app that I downloaded recently but Grams insist on me canceling it. So I did as it was told so now I have at least somehwere in the hudreds now and some cents and Grams saying thar she also wants to borrow some money from me. I never should agreed on helping out and I doubt my even asked to even borrow or use my card. The last time I recall this being my money and I can do whatever the fuck I wanna do with it. Still no period. But lets just pray it comes in before the day is over. I was thinking about transferring everything from my previous journal onto here but its just to much work. No matter how much I love to write. I have at least two hours of sleep. I work from 3 until close. I would've been sleeping this morning but mom woke me up this morning to walk my dog. Now I can't go to sleep. Once I wake up its hard for me to go back to sleep and its been two weeks going on three and still no period. I feel like its coming but its not even on. I hope it comes on like I said by the end of the day. Gonna get some rest. Took a pregnancy test like it was said just to be on the safe side and I turned out to be negative. Thank Goodness because I swear I wasn't looking forward to getting pregnant. So its not because I'm pregnant them it has to be because of stress or over weight. Tried calling bae back but didn't pick up he fell asleep but he called back and now I'm getting sleepy. I need to start writing back my dreams down like I use too. The reasin why I love to write so I don't forget and that I just love to write a lot.


The Forgotten One

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