Do Not Disturb

2017-11-18 20:08:45 (UTC)

Finally off work....

6:07 PM

Well,I'm finally off and waiting on bae to get back from shorter. I'm at his house because his mom had picked me up from work since I get off at five and its dark around that time. I asked him I mean texted him to see if he was on his way but didn't respond so I'm guessing he's still driving and with his dad. His dad is nice and all but the way he's been messing around with my boyfriend's ex while having a wife is just messed up to me and the problem is that he's done it before and I don't see how his wife would be okay with it now or it could be because she knows but just wants him to come out and say it. Either way its still messed up. Theirs a lot going on. Too much. I have a bad headache but bae still hasn't shown up yet and I'm starting to feel lonely. I feel lonely without him by my side its like a part me needs him. I'm gonna need to close my eyes for a second.


The Forgotten One