Do Not Disturb

2017-11-19 19:55:59 (UTC)

He knows

So he told him but I'm not sure if Ray believed him ot not. He was trying to make be be the bad guy when he's the one who said he likes me in the first place ( which just turned out to be one big lie). I just can't believe I even fell for him in the firsr place what a joke. I want to be able to put my own covers and originals on Youtube but I'm not so sure about it. But if I wanna make it in the music business. I gotta start somewheee. Am I right? I don't know how to begin but I know you don't need a guitar to start singing. I need to get some sleep though I'm tired as fucm. While beinf on Live. Me someone was saying that I was annoyinf just because I said something and blocked me so I decided to unfollow that person from Live. Me and delete Live. Me for good. No one's actually notice me anyways or even tried talking to me and yes maybe I'm in my feelings but so what. Am I annoying? I can't sleep. I feel sleepy but can't sleep. I've wasted money well my mom borrowed around $40 and she owe me like a hundred on her payday. I Dont feel the need to do anythinf right now or tomorrow. I feel empty inside. I act like I'm happy but I'm not. Theirs more to me than you think. People always assume that I'm crazy,weird goofy childish and sometimes annoying. But nothing's wrong with thay. Right? I'm onyl 19.


The Forgotten One

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