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UnDiscovered Girl
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2017-11-20 19:48:15 (UTC)

No missed calls from him...

He's not answering so from now on I just won't text him at all becauae it always take him a while to text back. So I'm srill a bit upset over what happened between me and Marquis and he even told my boyfriend over what happened. I just keep messing up everything up. Marquis T. stop talking to me ( another person) saying thay he needs to focus on himself right now and how he's saying that he's getting his own place on Wednesday all he ever done was read my messages and I don't know what I done to him. Marquis is trying to make me feel like the bad guy ( which partially its my fault) when he's the one who told me that he liked me but turned out to be one big lie. Do I even deserve to be in a relationship? I have a great boyfriend and I like for us to stay where we are as a couple to see where we are heades in the future. He's a hardworking man. I need to wash my clothes because I don't any whatsoevee. I took my hair down it done grew a bit longer but I want it to grow even more. Marquis played me. But do I give a fuck. Nope not anymore. I can never forgive him nor anyone else that has done me wrong. But anyways I have some clothes to get washed. I guess that I have to retake the pregnancy test to prove to my mother that I'm not pregnant once again that I am NOT pregnant.


The Forgotten One

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