Do Not Disturb

UnDiscovered Girl
2017-11-06 19:29:06 (UTC)

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Me and Ray have been having sex lately bur no worries only with protection but I've decided with him that we should take a break from sex. I know I've been teasing him a lot but with him it feels so good... So right. I'm guessing my mom knows by now and his dad knows as well because he's the one who's been giving him the condomn in the first place but I told him no condomn no sex. I've been horny for quit a while now and I don't why its gonna be hard for the both of us... Mostly him. But heh at least its with the one I love. We have so much in common. Its insane. But I honestly do love him . Still feeling a bit sleepy. Missjng bae but knowing that he's busy right mow. I have nothing else to do as of this moment but being stuck in my room all day. Like I normally do. I would walk my dog but its hella hot outside. My room is a part of me. It feels like I'm attached to it ( besides my phone). I can't help but to feel insecure. I've always felt the need to compare myseld to other girls just because they wear makeup and I don't. Hardly. Maybe they feel the same way that's why they put on so much makeup. I wear makeup only on special occasions. But other than that. No makeup. My boyfriend says he loves me with or without my makeup. I guess you can say I believe him. I'm just lucky enough to even have a guy that calls me beautiful. Half of the guys that I've dated and liked told me but never meant it. Its been two months of us being together and I am as happy as I can be.


The Forgotten One