Do Not Disturb

2017-11-04 19:15:30 (UTC)

November 04th 2017

I love the idea of tasting different flavors of chocolate. Either you want them or you don't. Some are allergic and some are not. And I am not. Chocolate gives me peace. If that made any sense at all. I have a habit of saying that a lot as well. I'm seriously am going insane he's married ans I have a boyfriend whom I love very much but its going to be very hard for me not to think about him when I actually do at times. Part of me wants to be mad at him. Part of me doesn't. Hopefully my boyfriend doesn't give me any ideas of liking him and sure yea I've been talkimg anoit him a lot but that doesn't mean anything. Does it? I need to find someway to get him off my mind. Someway... Somehow. Because this is getting out of control and I bet he has not yet once thought about me so I might as well give up because its no use. Haven't hears from Ray all day. He told me that he was gonna be working but haven't talked to him all say and he usually responds even if,he's working. But he's not. It feels like my depression is kicking in. Still feeling tired as fuck. Hoping to see him to doubt it happening ( that as well). He won't answer. Called him 6 times the other day ans he decided to pick up. Called him 4 times today going on 5 and still no answer. And this really pissing me off. Left him a message but doubt that he will answer that either. I feel upset for absolutely no reason at all but that's just me. But nothing like a Taylor Swift will cheer me up and it always works. I'm officially just done calling him for the day. Haven't eaten anything all day because I decided not to except eating some pringles but other than that. Nothing. I feel lonely and ignored but I have my dog for in need of comfort. For now.


The Forgotten One

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