Do Not Disturb

2017-11-05 19:05:08 (UTC)

The Little Red Bump

I have no clue why my own brother hates me so much. I've tried asking him but he wouldn't budge wnd would always end up ingoring me but no worries he's gonna need me. May not be right now or tomorrow. But he will. Disrespectful. Rudw. Never listens. I have a bump below my buttocks where its located around my you know what it hurts like hell. I tried to pop it but it just hurts like hell and this hss probably been the second oe third time it has happened. I need to get it checked just so I can know exactly the reason why its their. Sorry if I'm grossing you out. I've been bathing so it couldn't be because I'm not bathing well enough. I love the idea of seeinf him everyday. But we've decided to take a break on sex because I'm seriously not looking forward to getting pregnant and besides we're both young. Haven't bheard from Marquis over two months now but hey who cares right. Everythinf he told me has turmed out to be one big lie. Honestly I'm glad he's gone. A lot of me feels the need to be mad at him and hate him and indeed I do.


The Forgotten One