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2017-12-06 05:48:48 (UTC)

My studies before finals

December 6, 2017
My third post I wrote on here... its clear that I have many things on my mind, even when I do have something still isn't making me feel confident.
Yesterday I was on the computer bout six hrs working on my outline that's due today this morning, i got outta class early we had just got back are last exam. I basically had to put my studies on hold a bit, i didn't let my doubts linger in me. So i was working last minute deadlines and i finally got around back to my studies. I decide to recite my presentation, am hella nervous, i haven't been sleeping well again. So much i have to do up to graduation day. As for now am trying to relax my nerves to be ready for finals are NEXT WEEK.
I have 15 Qs on my math final and Today am talking about Lupus disease within that finishing up final project for art. Working on final paper today. I hate finals specially in math, hopefully i can go to math professor office hours today I have questions before tmw last day.
Well wish me luck on finals and next semester.... probably in April.