Do Not Disturb

2017-11-03 17:43:06 (UTC)

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Me and Ray had sex and yes again but no mayyer how much I love havinf sex with him and love him I'm always thinking about Marquis. I know irs bad. I know wnd now that he's far away I won't be able to see him as much as I use to that is suppose to be a goos thing. All I've been doing is helping unload the truck stocking and unstocking and my feet hurts like hell. Glad I'm off this weekend. Won't be able to go back until Thursdaym my dog hasn't came home. Tried getting him but it was no use and its only seven as of this moment. I never understood why dogs to like to run out the door while the door is open even when we just got through finish walking them. Do we not walk them long enough? Why do they do this to us?
But he's gonna come home sooner or later.
12:21 AM

My dog finally decided to come home safe and sound. I hewrd the sound of his barking from across the street while waiting on me to pick him up. I wonder where he be going everytime he runs out but luckily that he came home safe and sound. We had sex yes again but this will be the last time. He doesn't cum in me so Thats good. I feel exhausted but I will at least try and go to sleep.


The Forgotten One

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