Do Not Disturb

2017-10-28 17:30:11 (UTC)

I told him

Told Marquis that I like him through text.... And it went pretty well I guess. But the only thinf he responded with was is that he got my texts and that he didn't want any trouble with his brother. So I'm assuming he likes me but doesn't wanr to get into any trouble between me and Ray. He never really have me a solid answer. I'm guessing its a yes. Hell I Dont know. Me and Ray had sex again. Lol! He's the type of distraction I need to forget about Marquis and he's my boyfriend boyfriend boyfriend. Not knowing when hell ever come back. Okay this is so not helping. I'm just so use to seeing him every now and then. Me and Ray having sex just keeps getting better ans no I won't get pregnant. I hope not. Nahhh.... I won't. But I might want to check just to be on the safe side. He has never cummed in me so I'm not pregnant and nevee will I ever be. Supposedly suppose to be going to see Fantasia at the fair tomorrow night around seven but wanting to get on thw rides a bit earlier before it starts and even now that Marquis is gone I actually miss him. Weird. Hmmmm.


The Forgotten One

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