Do Not Disturb

2017-10-25 17:24:31 (UTC)

No title

Well I doubt theirs any chance of me seeing him today. All he's been doing id work work work. But hopefully to see each other tomorrkw (which I doubt that's ever going to happen either). I know we just seen each other the other day but I just can't go a day without seeinf him or I'll go insane ( like I am now). I don't see the point of me having a curfew its ridiculous I know. I mean I'm 19 for heavensake. I say hevaensake a lot. I mean yea sure I have a job and everythinf but I don't socialize normally like I'm suppose to that's why I've decided to live on campus if I even get into the college of my dreams. I have zero friends. None. That's why you see me wanting to be with my boyfriend 24/7.


The Forgotten One

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