Do Not Disturb

2017-10-17 05:39:04 (UTC)

Got the job

I got the job. I mean as exciting as I am about that the other thing that I'm bummed about is not attwnding my nrother homecoming game tjat is on this upcoming Friday. We're everyone's excited I'll be..... Not but hopefully I'll be able to make a little cash along the way. Hopefully. Ms. Denise couldn't keep it on thw 28 of October for my training but oh well I guess managers orders. This is already.stressing me out and I haven't even started working. I'm pretty priud of myself though ar least no one would be calling me lazy and by no one I mean my brother. Suppose to be seeing him today but I doubt it since he's painting. He's building and remodoling houses for a living with his dad. If that counts as a job. James still thinking thay we're together but I just want to be friends with him. And nothing more because I love Ray and Jay's not talking to me because of it. But I don't cqee its his lost not mine. He will thank me in the near future. Although I do feel pretty guilty for not telling him. Tried to fix it but he wouldn't let me and the only way that he said that I will is if I show him some nudity ( which is not happening). Ans besides I have a boyfriend who loves me for me. I mean yea he can be a bit sexual but who isn't. Am I right? My mom is being unfair she thinks the only reason thay he wants to be with me is to fuck and nothing more and because of what happened from before. She never believes a shit word I say. I'm not the type of person to even get pregnant unlike her. But I don't have to prove her nothing because I know what I'm doing. I know what's from my right and wrong. Just incase you haven't notice I'm 19. I know you're overprotective but I know what I'm doing. And everytime I mention his parents about being home but yet she doesn't beliebe me nor him. She got to do everything when she was my age. Well,except for the whole pregnancy situation that's just not me. I'm not like her. I'm not being mean but its true. I'm not ans the only reason I like being over their house more is because I don't have to be bothered by everyone 24/7. I need my freedom too. I get she's trying to be protective but I got this and I'm not getting pregnant nor havingsex already made that mistake one/twice never again. Nolan is such a big baby pussy. Lol! ( FYI my brother). But anyways I will be joining noth him and his family for dinner. How about that mother? And his mom instead. I need him right now like bad. I'm over here watching finchel moments. I don't care if no one likes him as long as I love him and he loves me thwn its all good. We're all good. Now she's saying that she doesn't even like him because of what happened that day and she doesn't even know him.


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