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2017-12-05 05:37:01 (UTC)

Lost & found of me

I lost myself in the summer with close true friend Christian Sarah, I disconnected of my own choice.
I reconnected with Sarah on Sunday, its been months we had talked when I found out the exciting news it had put me in a bad mood. So I decide to bury that hate that came within it and didn't take me away form. I had congrats her once again within a better tone that it more sincere, felt more comfortable in my body. We talked with more ease I have update her on whereabouts my man and then poured my heart in the fear of falling through the cracks of struggle with math. We had email back and forth till had left till I gone home trying finish up assignments but in those few seconds I got distracted to help cook and cleaning putting away food, that's when I got defeated and started slip a bit, I eventually got out of it with talking to my friend Ericka , she and I have been close since we have first two years ago, I think? I cant fully recall it. So last night I had decided to text Sarah because I wanted her company that I really missed....I don't think ever told her the truth I how I felt when she told me the exciting news! and back then the smallest crush I had on her. She reply back last night after I put my phone on vibrate for that night. I had prayed to God so much for everybody I loved so much, tomorrow my babe is his last final just glad. So I have changed my heart despite all the things have gone through, I will let god guide building a stronger with the people. Not let anyone tell who I should be