Do Not Disturb

2017-10-15 02:48:32 (UTC)

I tried

Tried to break up with him but he wouldn't let me. Now he's saying that he doesn't want me nowhere near texting him or he will and I quote "ruin my life" like I did his. I wish that I never met him sometimes. I just wish to be single again. I like Ray and besides my life is already worse than it actually is anuwaus and its all his fault and maybe some was mine. Maybe if I Dont respond to his text then it'll all blow over. Bevause right now I'm just not planning on talking to him. I tried breaking up with him but he just wouldn't let me. But its whatever. He's being so controlling like one of my ex's but even worse. Why can't he just except that? I don't know want to go through this again.I'm trying to get out of it but he just won't let me. But its not his decision anyways its mine. He's the one that nevee showed me he loves me let alone say it. I tries talking it out but he wouldn't let me. I just don't feel the same way with him as I do with Raym i hate going through situations like this and I let it and I'm trying but he just won't let me break up with him. He needs to understand. I'm sorry for what I've done I just don't want to be with him anymore. I wanna be with Ray. Its my life. I don't care if he likes it or not. Ray came by today but it was only for a short time then headed home. James still thinks we're together but we're not. Sometimes I'd just wish to be single like I've sais before but Ray actually makes me happy. I know they say you don't need a man to be happy but je does. He's comint by romorrow. I hope but even longer. Maybe I'm better of single. I always say that I would wait until God sends me the right guy for me but look where I am in another relationship. I don't even know if,my mom even likes hime because of what happened yesterday but do I care. I mean I'm 19 now for godsake. But I can understand from her point of view as well of being a single mother ( even when I'm not) raising two kids on her own. My mom expected me to clean up the mess that she made. I barely write in here because of her. Because she read it. Longnstory short. I've been through a lot these past couple of days. Nothing but drama,drama drama. I hate it and somehow I've always managed to get myself into it. But mo more will thay be. I have a great boyfriend who loves me for me. I hope. We've only been together for a week. Going on two.


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