Do Not Disturb

2017-10-14 01:02:55 (UTC)

Period off

Ray came by yesterday we cuddled kissed ans stuff like that. You know normal things that normal couples do. Going to watch the game with him evwn though I'm not an Alabama fan I'm only going because of his needs and mine and him. He found out about Ray through Facebook ( James). And he told me to fuck you. I didn't chewt on him it may seem like ot but I didn't even though since I didn't mention to him about Ray and like I said he was just someone to talk to. I don't know what's wrong with me either and it gets even worse my mom found out about me and Ray having sex..... In the car. Thw next thing you know she's asking questions as soon as I got out of the car when she got home. Alll I told her was us kissing touchimt and feeling up on each other but she wouldn't buy it. Ray said that he was sorry for the both of me and my mom. I never knew that I wasn't suppose to tell him. My mom is already frustrating me enough and things went down between me and James but its not like we were dating. Just someone their to talk too.


The Forgotten One

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