Do Not Disturb

2017-10-13 14:06:01 (UTC)

October 13 2017

So I'm assuming that mom and Jason aren't getting back together any time soon ( which is a good thing) but he's willing to tale her out to eat after all that's bee happening. Jay found out about me and Ray well kinda all he knows is that I'm in a relationship and he got all pissed for nothing he claiming that he "loves me" but never showed it but I'm way pass thay and we were never really dating at all. He won't even answer my text (Ray). I doubt that he's even coming by like he said he was. My mom keeps constsntly asking me favors. Do this do that? Ansnits exhausting I'm the only one that actuallt does something besides her. You don't see my brother doint anything all he ebee does is be in his room and their calling me lazy. The only reason is because I don't have a job not yet. But most likely I will and when I do everyone will regret every minute of it including my brother. Ray had gave me a poem a few days ago. A love poem. And I gotta say I just ...... Love it. I don't think anyone has evee poured their heart out and wrote a poem about mw ( because they haven't). We both changed our status into in a relationahip. As long as he's all mine then we're all good and people tell me I write big and I do not write big. Do I? If so I can't help it.


The Forgotten One