Do Not Disturb

2017-10-11 06:23:08 (UTC)

Job Interview

Well,just got back from my job interview ans I gotta say it went pretty well. Even when my mom did most of the talking but overall it went pretty well. Hopefully,I'll pretty much get the job. And besides I'm only 1o years old so I have years and years to go. But in all honesty it went quicker than I expected it to be. They won't be bale to call back in no more than exactly 5 days because of drug testing ( which I don't do any) but they have too. Guess who's dining over. Yes. Ray it is. This has been three days in a row. Its official Jay has lost interest in me. He doesn't talk to me as much as he use too. I mean I try and talk to him through messenger but only one word comes out of his mouth ans he has so many girls thay he claims thay are his "friends" I just can't trusr him. I'm trying to but I just can't. I doubt thay he's coming over since his mom is being such an ass about it. I hate being bored. Its my least favorite thing to do. That's why you see me writing in here everyday. I gotta keep myself occupied somehowm i keep getting these headaches they just keep piling up and what's worse is my period is on. And its just as heavy as ir can be that's the only reason why I wear socks ans also so I won't have stomach crmaps that causes so much pain that I get every so now and then. First James then Ray then Marquis T. and Jay. But I only see Marquis as a guy I turn to advice for. Jay says he "loves me" but I don't believe him he doesn't show it as often as he suppose too. Their's James. You can say that we're somewhat together but we're not but he doesn't ever call me back sooo. He's just someone to talk too. And last but not least Ray calls me bae see each other every now and then. Honestly Ray is the only guy that I talk to out of everyone else. Calls me. We text almost everyday and is always invited over. I doubt that my mom likes him but its not her decision its mine. I think he's a great guy not someone that I can just occupy my time with. I've been craving for more and more sweets eveey now and then. I know that I need to stop but I can't help it when my period is on. A girl would understand what I'm going through. I mean isn't it that obvious.


The Forgotten One