Do Not Disturb

2017-10-09 23:37:39 (UTC)


Ray had came by we walked around the mall for a bit not up until I noticed his brother tagged along with us thinking that we were gonna be alone but still had a great time. His brother was so damn cute I have to admit but sadly to say that he's married. Ray held my hand the whole ride their and back. Even when we did. My mm was being so unfair and she says that I'm naive. She's the one who's always telling me that I should go out more. I mean I get her being unprotective and all but still. We kissed and then the touching but it was only because I felt very horny. And don't forget the squeezy nipples [ which felt very satisfying] and as well as him fingering my pussy. Ye we kissed as well. He even to as well held my hand in public. Even when we both were tagged along by his brother. But in all honesty I had a great time. Haven't even rememberd the last time I would eveen recall being out as such a place like this. With a guy. Day nine and still no period.


The Forgotten One

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