Do Not Disturb

2017-11-22 23:03:44 (UTC)

I made my Grandma cry...

9:12 AM

Grams wanted to watch something from my phone and I let her. She was saying that the only reason why I got up was because of the fact that I didn't want her to use my phone and while most of that is partially true denied it . And she got all upset for nothing and they say I'm sensitive and now she doesn't want the phone all of a sudden just because I don''t want her to use MY phone so, I could make sure to see if,anyone was gonna text me or not [ which was a lie I just didn't want her to use my phone]. I told her she could have it again but she gave it back and she started crying for no reason at all over a damn phone that is supposedly mine. I said I was sorry and I had given it back to her but she suddenly had given it back [ which took forever] and saying she doesn't want it anymore. She wanted to watch and download this movie from Netflix called " 1927 Stephen King". But now that I'M letting her see it I hope she's better and happy now. She was also saying how I was being so-called selfish just because I didn't want her to see MY phone. She would be the same way with not letting anyone see her tablet that she just gotten like a day ago. I be feeling empty without my phone and my phone is NOT my number one priority. That's what Grams told me but at least the movies an hour long. I also told her how my so-called bully was their but Lucy's mom straightened everything out and she feel bad and shit. I've done nothing but be nice to he and she treated me to the point where I didn't even wanna be at school anymore or to just even be here at all. She will realize what she's done sooner or later in the long run. If I was to kill myself because of her actions and mean words then, she will really regret what she has done.
I was afraid to even be their because she was their and always feel left out when Ray and Lucy talks about ROTC and shit like that BECAUSE I have nothing to talk about and it makes me feel so out of place. It feels like he has more to talk to with her than, me. I know she's family but still. I talk to people but they just shut me out or,just doesn't seem to care about anything I say AT ALL !!!


The Forgotten One

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