Do Not Disturb

2017-10-07 21:57:51 (UTC)

Huntingdon College

Stopped by Huntingdon college and I gotta say it went pretty well then I expected it to be. It seemed like she likes me. I hope she does. Not that I care. Okay that was a lie. I care. A lot. And this day couldn't get better than this the college campus tour will begin on Thursday if and when everything goes well I am able to start in January . But to be honest I'm starting to get the hang of the school. I would fit pretty well and lets hope to say make easier friends their. I hope I get in. Fingers crossed. Unfortunately,my dad's coming down here and as well as my brother and I gotta say I'll pick him over Nolan [ annoying brother] any day. I don't know if,I've mentioned this or not but things are starting to get better for me. think. But lets cut to the chase. At least I'm still with James. And my mom has no idea about it and she won't. Its been day 7 of October and my period has still not come on. And I'm not pregnant. It may seem like I am from everyone else point of view but I'm not. I hop not. I honestly never remember when I had sex. I mean it was with two of my ex's both Caleb and Zack and Anthony S. [twice which didn't really mean anything really and he wasn't really considered an ex just someone to talk to I guess and to fuck with] but my mom doesn't realize it at all she just kept asking but I just kept shaking my head no but from this point on I will not have sex until its the right moment with the right guy or until I get married. And besides it was with the wrong guy at the wrong time an I've dated the wrong guys and it was with the wrong guys. Still talking to Marquis Tuck. He called me beautiful and all but we're just friends. I hated Caleb because he told my mom that we had sex in my bedroom and he kept trying to talk to me from messenger but I just wouldn't budge and blocked him [ which I thought I did]. My dad doesn't even know I had sex [ which he won't] only mom knows [ which is a good thing]. No one knows except for my mom well she only knows about Zack and Caleb but not Anthony S. I don't even talk to him since he's blocked. Jay says that he likes me but he has so many girls on his snap that says vote for blah blah blah...... and that he claims that's his friends but I doubt it then there's Rat he also claims that he likes me but doesn't know that I like him. We're just gonna be friends anyways. At least I don't have think about Anthony B. breaking up with me. Hell,he did the job for me and besides it wasn't meant to be. an't my life get any crazier than,it already is.


the Forgotten One

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