always wth love

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2017-12-03 10:02:55 (UTC)

Him & I at the park

I saw him after thanksgiving we went walking for an hour he had Milli in his hands she was excited to go out walking around the neighborhood. When we finally made it to park it was different because we let each other and made every second count. There's a bench he kissed me a bit aggressive only because we haven't seen each other, I wrapped my legs around him I then I took control from him it felt so good, I can trust that he wouldn't hurt me. Last night it was a full moon it beautiful but Its so hard to fall apart when am nerves as hell with finals are so near. Last night he made me speechless, it got so hard not be turn on by him, it got so intimate when am with him.
A week away ill be his girl again taking pictures and having hours kissing non-stop. Ready to be with him for rest of my life with him.